Course Description

Zero to Hero

Our immersive program is perfect for absolute beginners and will take you from little-to-no previous experience to a ready-to-hire web developer. Through our comprehensive curriculum, we teach you everything from the basics of HTML & CSS to adding advanced functionality and building custom websites and blogs. 

Practical Projects

Rather than working on hypothetical challenges or studying for arbitrary tests, our students are working on real web projects from day one because we know that you learn best by doing. By the end of the program, you will have built a resume-boosting portfolio of 4 live websites. 

MASTERMIND – 1 – 6 Mentor Ratio

Forget giant classrooms, we accept only 16 students and bring 6 experienced mentors per session so you know you’ll have the one-on-one attention you need to thrive. It’s in the moments sitting side-by-side with an experienced instructor where the real magic happens. 

Immersive Environment

Every element of the program and curriculum was created with an understanding of educational psychology, motivation, and high performance to help our students get into the ‘flow state’ of peak performance. We take care of every little detail so that you can focus on what you came here to do – learn. 


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Web Fundamentals (so you can talk-the-talk)

This is a zero-to-hero program, so we’ll walk you through step-by-step so that you understand what a website is, how it works, and all of the most important terminology — by the end you’ll be able to talk-the-talk with developers and understand how it all fits together.

– Creating structure with HTML

HTML is the primary language used in every single webslte. We’ll teach you how to write custom HTML code, creating structural elements like sections, headers and footers as well as all the elements within them like headings, paragraphs, links, images, and contact forms.

– Styling with CSS

CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) controls the layout and design of every website. We’ll learn how to use CSS code to style layouts, typography, images, and more making our websites look as visually stunning as our designs.

We’ll learn advanced CSS selectors so that we can target individual elements or groups of elements. We’ll learn how to diagnose and solve CSS specificity issues when we have conflicting styles and how to troubleshoot CSS problems effectively.

Advanced Layouts with Flexbox

Flexbox is the latest CSS layout property that enables you to build stunning designs quickly. We show you how to use flexbox & the grid framework ‘Gridlex’ to rapidly create columns and grids in your website (without doing any math!)

We’ll learn the CSS box model, Flexbox and positioning so that we can create custom layouts and grids on our site and position our content exactly the way we want.

 Responsive Web Design

We all know how important mobile is, so we’ll spend today learning responsive design and how to use media queries to make your site look good on every size device. This means your websites will be mobile-friendly right from the start.

– Adding interactivity with jQuery

We’ll learn how to use jQuery (a form of javascript) to add interactivity to your site and integrate jQuery plugins. Now we can add advanced functionality (like the smooth scrolling in this website), create a dynamic hamburger menu, and learn how to create an accordion (like this one), slideshow or lightbox gallery.

Creating reusable layouts and blogs with Jekyll

With the static site generator Jekyll you’ll be able to build a blazing fast and very stable blog or portfolio website. We show you how to create advanced custom layouts for any website you project you might tackle in the future, as well as features like blogs.

Jekyll uses liquid templating, which is the same language shopify is built on so your skills are transferable.

 – Animations & Transitions

Smooth scrolling, fading in and out, pop-ups. These might seem like little touches, but they can make a big impact on the user experience for those visiting our websites. You’ll learn how to easily create custom animations

Search Engine Optimization

We will teach you both the techincal and strategic techniques to optimise your websites to rank highly in Google search results so that you can drive more traffic to your website.

Performance Optimisation

How do you get your website to load quickly? Optimize images? Make sure it looks good across all browsers? We’ll teach you the best practices and troubleshooting techniques to make sure your website is production-ready.

Make your site easily editable with a CMS

We’ll show you how to integrate your site with a content management system so that non-technical users can easily edit the content of your website. We show you our recommended CMS system, CloudCannon as well as how to apply your skills to customise websites built on Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace.

Hosting & Domain name

Think of hosting like the digital real estate, and domain name as your street address. We’ll show you how to connect a custom domain to a website, and hook it up to fast, reliable (and free) hosting.

How to find clients & build a web development business.

We know that launching a new career takes more than just technical skills, so we cover everything from how to find clients, how to scope and price projects, how to manage client communication and more. We also share real pitch templates and contracts for you to hit the ground running.


Become a Freelance Web Developer

Want to be able to work from anywhere building websites for clients all over the world? Web Development is a sought after skillset, and you’ll be ready to start taking on real clients as soon as the 10-day intensive finishes. We’ll teach you not just the technical skills, but also the business skills you need to build a profitable freelance career. 

Accelerate your career 

We don’t teach people maths so that they can become a mathematician, we teach it because it’s a life skill that is woven through a variety of different industries. Understanding coding fundamentals can, be an extra tool in the ‘toolbelt’ of anyone who is interacting with the digital world – digital skills are in high demand and can help boost your job prospects and productivity in lots of different roles.

We attract graphic designers wanting to code their own designs or better communicate with the developers they work with, by better understanding the development workflow. We attract marketers who need to work with HTML and CSS when creating email marketing campaigns, or working with the digital team on their company’s website. We’ve had entrepreneurs who don’t want to be reliant on developers, and project managers and CEOs who wanted to understand the basics of front-end development, so that they could optimise their processes and confidently hire a strong team.

Learn how to become a WordPress Hero

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